I. Amicus curiae

a) I have intervened as Amicus Curiae in several lawsuits before the Constitutional Court of Colombia since May 2014:

1. Sentencia [Judgment] C-279 de 2014.

2. Sentencia [Judgment] C-257 de 2015.

3. Sentencia [Judgment] C-220 de 2015.

4. Sentencia [Judgment] C-552 de 2015.

5. Setntencia [Judgment] C-584 de 2015.

6. Sentencia [Judgment] C-532 de 2015.

7. Sentencia [Judgment] C-621 de 2015.

8. Sentencia [Judgment] C-563 de 2015.

II. Plaintiff

a) I filed the Lawsuit D-10455 before the same Court against the expression “The principles of natural law and” established in the article 4 of Law 153 of 1887; the legal problem was: Does the law that allows the judge to use the principles of Natural Law to interpret the Constitution in penumbra cases violate the constitutional supremacy (art. 4) and the principle of legality (art. 230)?

It was ruled in the Judgment C-284 of 2015, which is studied in all Law Schools around the country, and set the legal precedent that it is constitutional to use the Natural Law to interpret the Constitution in penumbra cases.

1. Demanda de Inconstitucionalidad [Lawsuit] D-10455.

2. Court’s ruling on the admissibility of the case. Link.

3. Concept of the Inspector General of Colombia. Link.

4. Communiqué of the Constitutional Court on the Judgement C-284 of 2015. Link.

5. Sentencia [Judgment] C-284 de 2015.